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"..nunca jamas cosa tan fermosa vide!.."  Columbus  October 28, 1492

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As Cuba tranforms its economy and enters the new Millennium, the demand for fast, accurate, and inexpensive information about Cuba will increase exponentially. The Cuba Realty, Entertainment, Investment and Tourism  (R.E.I.T.) GUIDE © is a publication and online Internet service ( that intends to satisfy informational needs and provide a forward thinking networking venue for people and companies interested in a New Cuba.

Cuba has a tumultuous history. Originally, the island was settled by Carib, Siboney, Arawacs and other Indian tribes who eventually were eliminated by Spanish colonialists. Cuba then briefly was controlled by England in 1762. Upon return of Cuba to Spain, economic and political conditions did not improve appreciably. Widespread discontent with Spain in Cuba came to a “flashpoint” with the explosion of the Battleship Maine and the Spanish American War. An independent Republic of Cuba had its problems with undue influence from the USA and corruption. In 1959, the socialist era began under Fidel Castro. The collapse of the USSR subsequently precipitated a new crisis in Cuba regarding its role in World trade with Cuba opening up the door for a “state controlled” exercise in nascent capitalism.

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