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The new Millennium ushers in the era of wireless global communications and instantaneous access to a variety of information resources about Cuba.  Digital Cuba© intends to be at the forefront  of a global Cuba as one of the leading online publications and providers of content to others.

Content may be text, images, sounds, tables, graphs, etc.  Digital Cuba© has archived many historical facts, figures, photos, images of Cuba but, also, creates (and copyrights) new databases, content, and information about Cuba for the global Internet audience.  Cuba is in transition and continues to recognize the need to integrate its economy with other nations; esp. the European Union.  Cuba has openly embraced the introduction of the EURO currency in preference to the U.S. dollar.

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There has been increasing calls from a variety of interest groups to review current relations with Cuba.  The American Farm Bureau and U.S. Chamber of Commerce are leading proponents of taking "another look" at Cuba due to its proximity to the USA, Raul Castro being the new President of Cuba, and the continuing expansion of trade with other nations such as China, Vietnam, etc.

Digital Cuba© looks forward to inevitable change in a New Cuba and intends to provide a increasing variety of products and services to individuals and companies interested in the largest island nation in the Caribbean: CUBA.

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