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The future of Cuba is dependent upon the progress of high technology, esp. as Cuba enters the World Economy in the New Millennium. For many years, we have been advocating Third World countries to embrace open source software.

Cuba has sophisticated biotechnology but lags the world in areas of information technology, due in part to the U.S. Embargo. A new cable connecting Venezuela and Cuba should offer better and faster internet access in Cuba. We hope private Cuban citizens will be allowed full internet access when this new capable is fully operative. Internet access, like free speech, should not be censored by any nation.

There will be a day in the future when Cuba is at the forefront of information technology.  We hope Cuba embraces non-proprietary software with its information technology systems.  The advantages of non-proprietary software in the marketplace is beyond the scope of this webpage. This webpage will grow with additional information and links to other resources for  users. Information about LINUX®, our plans for developing information systems, networks and user groups in Cuba can be obtained by emailing us:CyberCuba ®

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