The Space for Cuba in Outer Space

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Although Cuba is downrange from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, current USA and Cuban political relations puts Cuba out of the universe of USA space initiatives and exploration. Cuba had InterCosmos missions with the former USSR. A continuing rapproachment between Cuba and USA needs to be pursued regarding scientific and medical knowledge and research because, historically, the USA and Cuba, beginning with the American Yellow Fever Commission, led by Walter Reed, have cooperated effectively.

Cuban Astronaut Arnaldo Tamayo-Mendez

September 18,1980 Flight Time: 7.86 days. Soyuz 38 to Salyut 6 EP-8 space station

An exciting area of cooperation has been in the area of hurricane monitoring and research. Cuba and the USA share information on Caribbean weather because weather and hurricanes affecting Cuba likely will also affect the USA. Satellite imagery plays a key role in Caribbean weather assessment.

The mission of ournon-political website,, is to be a launch pad to seek common ground between the people of Cuba and the people of the USA in space exploration and research, especially areas that mutually benefit the USA and Cuba. We believe by year 2062, 100 years after Friendship 7 encircled the Earth, the USA and Cuba will have friendships and joint missions advancing SPACE CUBA.

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